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william mesothelioma patient

This is my second year...no chemo...no radiation...and I'm still kicking because of this book. And I was given months to live when I finally found out what was wrong. Thanks Paul. You gave me hope.

- Anthony R Raysik 

shelley mesothelioma patient

Great read for those suffering from this hideous disease. Read it if you can, gives hope & inspiration.

- Leah Birkin.

mesothelioma patient with book

I was diagnosed with mesothelioma last week. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with the world. We need more people like you who are interested in saving lives instead of making dollars. I am truly grateful to you for your unselfishness. God bless.

- Will H.  

stephen mesothelioma patient

I have a copy of this book, I am now 6 years since diagnosis of malignant pleural Mesothelioma and feel perfectly normal. - Mike T.


Words from those who received the book (and loved it)

I have this condition, beaten it 4 times so far in 2 years. I have a good medical team that I trust, I chose not to have chemotherapy as I chose quality rather than quantity of life. I have had lung twice brain tumour and stomach tumour. I have always had a positive attitude live life as usual although weaker of course eat and go where I like. People fear death but I look at it as a new adventure when it comes. All the best to all.

- Eric Burton

mesothelioma patient with book
mesothelioma patient testimonial

My husband has mesothelioma that is why I ordered this book. Paul Kraus did not have surgery, he chose other methods. My husband chose to have the lung surgery.(the Doctor removed all of the cancer and did not need to remove his lung). 5 stars. 

Karen D.

You certainly give hope for future individuals who are stricken with this god awful disease. 

- Steven Estelow

mesothelioma patient testimonial

Wonderful and inspiring book by a 20+ year mesothelioma survivor. The website also has a ton of useful information about this disease.

- Hilda Gome

mesothelioma patient testimonial

A unique, Inspirational book by a fellow sufferer & dedicated Author & Educator. Written from the heart & with understanding there are guidelines to help enhance your body's own Immune system. Through knowledge we gain power! This gives us strength to strive to achieve our best possible outcome.  

Much Love -Shirley M. White  

Clear concise ideas with mind-body connection clearly addressed.....primary instrument of healing. God bless you Paul

- H. Vizsla

The book was for a family member, and from their feedback they are very happy with the book, just what the doctor ordered. 

Many thanks. 

R. Vincent  

mesothelioma patient testimonial

Thank you, Paul Kraus for sending my husband a free copy of your book. You are amazing! Godbless you and your family.

- Gracie Daniel

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Surviving Mesothelioma And Other Cancers
mesothelioma patient testimonial

I have your book...dealing with it in my lung, thank you for all the work and research that went into that book, really helped me, God Bless ☺✌❤

- Charles Young

Paul Kraus you are an inspiration. 

I started reading it today and am halfway through, could not put it down. What a most empowering read. This book applies to anyone who has any illness. Such a comprehensive guide that truly does help the reader comprehend that complementary therapies empower those who choose to use them. Everyone who wishes to take responsibility for their own health and work with their Health providers to overcome disease would be well advised to read this well researched book. 

- Michelles Well

I read this book and gave it to my dad who has mesothelioma. Dad really liked it, especially its explanation of how having a positive attitude can make all the difference to quality of life and even to prognosis.

- Robert Tulip

Love this book. Thank you all that have contributed. Love you.

- Patti Jo Clymer 

This book has given me such hope. It was like reading my own life story, Thank you so much Paul Kraus for writing this book. It has been a blessing to me.

- Deborah McGlone

Just received my copy yesterday. Avidly reading it. Thank you.

- Graham Alexander

This is the book that saved my life. Believe in it.

- Anthony R Raysik 

My daughter is a Meso cancer survivor for 8 years!! She was stage 4 when they found it!

- Barbara Burton

For the first 12 months after my diagnosis of Mesothelioma I put my headphones on everyday and listened to music for hours. I also laugh everyday and have a very positive attitude to life. I also tell myself I can't die yet as I have still too much in life to do. I am now 3 1/2 years since diagnosis. I also have MS and diabetes so I am fighting a big fight but I believe.  

- Mick Jardine

mesothelioma patient testimonial

My stepfather has been a survivor of mesothelioma for the past 7 years. He worked as a Sheet Metal worker for over 45 years. He has sued and was compensated VERY WELL. It doesn't make up for what he and our family have and continue to deal with. Find a reputable attorney group that can help.


Hi paul i live in sydney i received your book last week its fabulous xx

- Katie Korving

This book is brilliant, love all the information and easy reading, good resource and food for thought to destress in life in general ❤️

- AP Metcalfe

Although I didn't read the book myself, as it was a gift for a friend whose spouse is dealing with this terrible disease, the book was delivered in a timely manner, and will provide these folks with help and comfort, based on all I've read about it.

- Michael Ault

mesothelioma patient testimonial

I really appreciate all the help that you are doing for cancer patients. I am nurse and work with Head and Neck cancer patients and I know the toll that it takes on patients and their families. We need more people like you to spread HOPE. 

- Jeanette Lovel

Have this book. A huge help. 

- Mary P.

His story/book is AMAZING! So helpful educational informative & INSPIRATIONAL INSPIRING 👍💪💪🙏🙏❤️

- Judy Goodson

mesothelioma patient testimonial

I am a mesothelioma survivor--i refused chemo and radiation, they wanted to give as a preventative measure--BULLSH**--chemo and radiation have killed more people than those without those two killers--luckily all i lost was the upper lobe of my left lung--still to this date am still cancer free--my wife had cervical cancer--i still believe that the radiation was what killed my wife--she supposedly was cancer free for 3 years--they supposedly gave the chemo and radiation as a preventative---they burned her insides--radiation NOT cancer killed my wife---I had worked a lot with asbestos during my naval career---mesothelioma reared its ugly head, 18 years after i have retired from the navy--my cancer surgery was in 2010.

- Gary G.

mesothelioma patient testimonial

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Surviving Mesothelioma And Other Cancers
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When you receive your FREE copy of "Surviving Mesothelioma: A Patient's Guide", you will be shown all of Paul's...

Mesothelioma Survival Strategies When Paul was diagnosed, he was not given any option of a cure. Chemotherapy and Surgery were not an option because of how far the cancer had spread. In this book you will discover all of the different strategies he used to survive mesothelioma for over 21 years.

Little Known Therapies Many of the therapies that Paul used you will not hear about from traditional doctors. They are not advertised on TV. You will discover exactly what they are when you request a copy of his book for free.

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Secrets on What To Eat One of the things Paul did to survive mesothelioma was to change his diet. He and his wife Sue have come up with 4 things you should stop eating right away to give your body the best chance of healing.

Pain Removal Tricks & Tactics Paul did not use pain relief medication. Instead, he used something he calls his "Silent Healer." He shows us how to use our silent healer to manage pain and stress on page 48.

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